Can we purchase Valhalla ice cream in mainland Australia?
Yes. We commenced supplying into Melbourne in 2009 via a distributor. He is now supplying to over 50 supermarkets throughout greater Melbourne. We are always on the lookout for other distributors in other states to start distributing our ice cream.
Do we produce Dairy Free ice cream?
Yes, all of our sorbets are dairy free. We have raspberry available in 1 litre and our 120ml mini tubs. Raspberry, mango, lemon and fruits of the forest are available in our 5 litre containers for scoop serve.
Do you export your ice cream?
At this stage we are concentrating on making our ice cream available to everyone in Australia. We currently don’t export to other countries but we have been contacted by overseas retailers asking about our ice cream. Maybe one day.
Do you supply cones for scoop serve retailers?
Yes, we supply Natural Danish Waffle Cones and Wafer Cones in a selection of sizes.
Do you supply Restaurants with your ice cream?
Yes we supply many Tasmanian Restaurants with our ice cream. Restaurants generally purchase the 5 litre containers as our ice cream tends to prove very popular.
How long will Valhalla ice cream keep in the freezer?
We recommend you can keep your ice cream for up to a year subject to it being stored to the correct temperature –  minus 20 – 25 degrees. Of course it rarely stays in the freezer that long and you’ll probably find once you have the taste for Valhalla it becomes a regular treat!
Is any of our ice cream Gluten Free?
Yes, the following gluten free flavours are available in our 1 litre tubs. Boysenberry, chocolate, chocolate choc chip, peppermint choc chip, raspberries & cream, raspberry sorbet, strawberry, vanilla and vanilla bean. We also have a large selection of gluten free flavours available by the scoop.
What is the fat content of Valhalla ice cream?
As our ice cream is made from pure Tasmanian cream the fat content is generally between 10% – 12%.
Where can I get Valhalla Icecream from?
Valhalla ice cream is readily available throughout Tasmania – either as a scoop serve through hundreds of local cafe’s and shops or as 1 litre take home packs available through over 50 IGA and small retail stores around Tasmania. Our ice cream has proven to be so in demand that we have recently started to send our products to the big island!

You can now find Valhalla ice cream in Melbourne and we are extending our suppliers list every week as word spreads about our delicious creamy Tasmanian ice cream.

You can find your nearest stockist on our website but if you want your local cafe to stock Valhalla ice cream just send us their details and we’ll get in touch with them so you can enjoy our ice cream any time you like.

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