A new partnership with award-winning Tasmanian whisky distillery, Hellyers Road has delivered an exiting recipe for a new range of top shelf ice creams. Hellyers Road is the nations largest boutique single malt whisky distillery and apart from it’s superb range of single malt whiskies, it is also renowned for producing a selection of tantalising whisky cream liqueurs.

It is these liqueur flavours that have given rise to the latest release from Valhalla Ice Cream – Hellyers Road Liqueur Ice Cream, available in original, coffee and hazelnut flavours. The blending of single malt whisky, fresh Tasmanian Betta cream, with top quality Valhalla Ice Cream is certain to ba a winner with consumers.

For a special occasion, or a well earned indulgence, Hellyers Road Liqueur Ice Cream is the perfect compliment to any dessert, or simply enjoyed on it’s own. A seriously top class Tasmanian product by two proud local companies.

Find out more about Hellyers Road Distillery by visiting www.hellyersroaddistillery.com.au